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The player uses the pads of their fingers to contact the ball and control the direction it is sent. Some players compensate by arching their backs to get the ball back in front of their hitting shoulders, but then develop injuries to their lower backs. Usually a set is made with two hands overhead. 10 ft (3m) line The line that runs the width of the court 10 ft from the net is called the 10 ft line.

You drop your elbow or swing low. This is NOT at full power, unless you get a lot of practice. (If not done right, you may be donkere vrouw zoekt overnachting voor seks putting the ball behind you as you drift). Substitution - When one player is replaced by another during a game, this is called a substitution. I only lost my serve twice in five matches, including a best-of-five-sets final against Federer. This serve often changes direction and floats in unexpected trajectories. Sometimes younger age groups are allowed to serve from within the court so be sure to check local league rules. The same player that blocks the ball may contact the ball again as the first of their teams three contacts. These last two parts both start on the ground with your jump. Coaches determine the base defense they want their players to use based on the defensive strategy they want to use. There are many different companies that manufacture net systems and different types of poles.